(Fig. 1) Video


YEAR 2018
MEDIUM Video, sound performance
DETAILS 4 minutes & 2 seconds, HD, 2-channel audio


In an attempt to investigate the somatic influence of sound, ILOVEYOUILOVEYOUILOVEYOU creates physical and visible vibrations by way of voice amplification and image distortion.

A long rectangular mirror is placed on top of a subwoofer as the artist recites the phrase “I love you” multiple times through a microphone which amplifies his voice. A camera is pointed at the mirror and records the artist’s reflection throughout the performance. The subwoofer then vibrates the mirror in relation to how the artist expresses the phrase. Soft whispers which emit lower frequencies from the wind created by his words create more tactile and visible vibrations, whereas louder speech create faster but ostensibly invisible vibrations.

The work plays on the idea of sound as vibration, touch (or more categorically — feel), as vibration, and the relationship between touching and hearing. All sounds that are heard are also felt. The mouth acts as a vessel of energy that has the potential to touch anybody or anything through the sounds it can produce — remotely or intimately.