Rat-Drifting II

(Fig. 1) Screenshot of the performance. Scroll below for video.


YEAR 2021
MEDIUM Performance
MATERIALS Custom electronic instruments, sampled audio, Zoom calls, contact microphones
DIMENSIONS Installation dimensions variable


Rat-Drifting II is a project that was founded by Martin Arnold which attempts to bring together free improvisation, sound performance, noise, psychedelic process music, DIY para-punk composition and post-Fluxus word events. I was invited to participate and create a solo performance using my custom built instruments -- and I took the opportunity to create a performance that also pays tribute to my old practice as a musician. The performance as a whole explores the in-betweeness of music and sound art, as I lean towards the latter, but not necessarily remiss my roots in Hip-hop. The performance also features guest performances (live through Zoom) from Caleb Tao, George Szep, and Eric Slyfield. The work is filmed with a 360 camera, post processed to be viewable in 2D during the performance.

A special thanks to Arraymusic for graciously hosting the performance and giving a platform for musicians and artists alike, to further contribute to sonic explorations and performances.

(Fig. 2) Performance Replay