Transference (Study)

(Fig. 1) Installation view. Click photo for more images.


YEAR 2017
MEDIUM Sound sculpture
MATERIAL Recycled wood, electronic components, surface transducers, laser, mirrors
DIMENSIONS 30 x 40 x 60 in. (LWH) : approx


Two surface transducers emitting low frequency sine waves are placed on top of the arms of the sculpture. A small mirror is placed at the end of each arm reflecting a pair of lasers onto the floor. The vibrations at the top of the sculpture are transferred down to the mirrors as the lasers being deflected create visual patterns from its sounds. In a sense, the sculpture is drawing patterns with light, using sound and vibrations.

The work investigates the relationship of sound to the skeletal/architectural body. The visual amplification of micro-vibrations attempts to create what is normally felt or heard, to be seen. The translation of sound energy to a physical structure amplifies its kinetic potential for (micro) movement beyond the properties of sound that is usually unseen.