(Fig. 1) Screenshot of the performance. Scroll below for video.


YEAR 2020
MEDIUM Performance
MATERIALS Circuit-bent electronics, sampled audio, turntables, contact microphones
DIMENSIONS Installation dimensions variable


YOU- is the first iteration of a 12 year long project by Christof Migone. In December 2020, Marla Hlady, Eric Slyfield, and I were invited to participate in the inauguration of the project. Our performance was broadcasted on the 2nd hour, alongside alumnae Erika DeFreitas and Tiffany Schofield of the Department of Arts, Culture, and Media at University of Toronto, Scarborough.

Lineup of Artists (direct from Christof Migone's project page)

YOU- HOUR 1 (12-13 GMT) Christof Migone, featuring Xuan Ye
YOU- HOUR 2 (13-14 GMT) UTSC Dept. ACM PRESENTS The Scarborough Sound with Tiffany Schofield, Erika DeFreitas, Christopher Dela Cruz, Marla Hlady, Eric Slyfield
YOU- HOUR 3 (14-15 GMT) Steve Bates (Saskatoon)
YOU- HOUR 4 (15-16 GMT) Wave Farm PRESENTS Jen Kutler, Sadie Woods
YOU- HOUR 5 (16-17 GMT) Wave Farm PRESENTS Agustina Woodgate, Jeff Kolar
YOU- HOUR 6 (17-18 GMT) Béchard Hudon (Montréal)
YOU- HOUR 7 (18-19 GMT) UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWAN ART GALLERIES AND SQUINT PRESS PRESENTS the launch of Vivian Darroch-Lozowski’s book Voice of Hearing with the author, jake moore, Daniela Cascella, Christof Migone, Ann West
YOU- HOUR 8 (19-20 GMT) Resonance Extra PRESENTS Merlin Nova, Andrew Ford, Anastasia Freygang
YOU- HOUR 9 (20-21 GMT) Resonance Extra PRESENTS
Erik Lintunen, Milo Thesiger-Meacham
YOU- HOUR 10 (21-22 GMT) Anna Friz (Santa Cruz) with Amy Mihyang Ginther, Cynthia Ling Lee, Gabriel Saloman
YOU- HOUR 11 (22-23 GMT) Animals of Distinction (Montréal) PRESENTS Dana Gingras, Tot Onyx, Sonya Stefan
YOU- HOUR 12 (23-00 GMT) GLENFIDDICH DISTILLERY PRESENTS Swan Song by Marla Hlady & Christof Migone

This year the hours are set to UK time because the project originated at the Glenfiddich Distillery (Dufftown, Scotland) and the main broadcast partner is Resonance Extra (London, England). The other broadcast partner is Wave Farm. Each partner is also programming two hours.

Link to archive of YouTube livestream here.
Link to main info page on the 12-year project here.
Link to project page here.

(Fig. 2) Performance Replay
C. Migone's